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At the McCloud Heritage Junction Museum, we are proud to showcase a rich collection of historical photographs that capture the essence of our community's past. Our commitment to preserving McCloud's heritage is made possible through the generosity of countless individuals who have graciously donated or shared their cherished photographs with us.

While we strive to provide accurate citations for our visual materials whenever possible, we acknowledge that some of these images have been collected from various community resources over the years, making it challenging to attribute them to specific sources.


We are immensely grateful to all those who have contributed to our archives, as their contributions play a vital role in preserving McCloud's history for generations to come. We continue to rely on the collective spirit of our community to help us piece together the puzzle of our shared heritage, and we invite anyone with additional information or photographs to contact us and be a part of this ongoing endeavor to celebrate and preserve the history of McCloud.

Feel free to adapt this statement to the specific needs and guidelines of the McCloud Heritage Junction Museum.

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